African Analytics and Advisory are committed to consistency, quality and responsive services and fit-for-purpose solutions.

As a 100% black owned South African business, African Analytics and Advisory provide vital quality verifications which are essential to valuations and assurances of quality for businesses operating in the commodities trade, especially in shipments of these raw materials.

In this area of trade in the metals and mineral industry, we deal in two commodities most crucial to a successful and sustainable business.


Our highly respected experts have been working together for decades in testing, inspection, assaying and consulting. Now, we are together as a team under the name of African Analytics & Advisory.

We provide services of the highest quality standards for clients in various countries throughout Africa, the SADAC region and beyond such as Ethiopia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Namibia and for international clients from China, India and Singapore to Europe and the Americas.

Our ethic of excellence remains the bedrock of our business. We use our ability and reputation to maximise the resources and wealth of our land – both intellectually and in actual metals and minerals mined from our continent.

We believe in the strength of our African expertise in African metals and minerals for the benefit of African reputation and business, for Africa and then for the benefit of the world.